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August 24, 2017

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Things Need To Know Before Choosing A LED Light

July 13, 2016

It is important for us to choose a safe and long stand light in our daily lighting solution. LEDs have a long lifespan, which is among 20-something years. In addition, they have the very good feature, which is good for the environment and cost-effective. Because of all these good features, we would like to share some of our buying experiences with you in the following passage.


First, we could not choose our light base on the Watt anymore because our knowledge of watt cannot directly apply to LED. Before LED, we usually think the Watt can determine the brightness of a light. However, Watt is a measurement of energy. Therefore, it is not a good way for us to choose a LED base on the watt. So which factor we need to consider when we are choosing a LED light. The answer is Lumen for a non-directional LED light and useful Lumen for a directional LED light. In simple term, the higher lumen, the higher the brightness.


Second, It is important for us to choose the light color because LEDs come in a wide color range. Therefore, we need to make sure the right color for the place we are choosing. It has a term to describe the problem, which is color temperature. The lower the number, the light would be more yellow (warm). I also take the screen shot from Wikipedia for people to have a general view of the colors.



Therefore, It is important for us to know how to choose the LED light before we are buying them. Hopefully, this article could help you with your purchase.