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August 24, 2017

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Sensor Switch For LED

August 2, 2016

People like to have an easy life. Therefore, more and more technologies were created to fulfill this need. For example, in the lighting industry, the sensor switch has a lot of application. There are different sensors in the market. The two main sensors are the voice-operated switch and motion detector.


The voice switch usually applies to a place that is quiet. Therefore, it can be very sensitive to operate the light when the switch recognizes the voice. However, It cannot be used in a place that has a lot of noise. I believe the voice-operated switch cannot work well because there is too many disturb.


The second one is motion detector switch. This switch has more application. A lot of big market carries this switch. For example, The Home Depot. This switch can operate when it detect things nearby. Therefore, for the people who usually wake up at night, it could be a good application for them. Instead of finding the switch, they do not need to do anything and walk to the bathroom. A motion sensor nightlight is also a good decoration for the room.


These switches can apply to the house decoration. By applying these sensor switches, the light could help the room become more intelligent. Moreover, it could release your hand free from the switches. It means that you do not need to find the switches in the dark. They will open the light for you.

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