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An Imagination Desk Lamp

August 24, 2017

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Dress Closet Lighting Solution

August 3, 2016


In the home decoration, there is a big part, which is the most important for the female host, of the house. It is the dress closet. This is the place where you could put all your clothes. Moreover, This is the place to decorate you. However, in the old time, people focus on the organization of this room. However, it becomes more and more important in the daily life with the development of the life quality. Therefore, designers tend to decorate this room in a luxury way. This room becomes more beautiful and high class.


With the development of the lighting technology, it becomes easier for designers to finish the room perfectly. In the market, there are more and more home decor products.  However, there are some things need to think about in the design. First, it should offer enough light. People need to find the right clothes when they need it. So the light should be light enough. Second, a right lumen color is important. Different colors will have different effects on the clothes. Third, It should be low Watt. High Watt will cause heat in the closet, which is bad for the clothes. Therefore, LED could be a good solution for the closet with the low Watt and high lumen.




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