Who We Are

YIXING is a team that serves the market for over ten years. We focus on bringing the world the most exciting products. We design, produce and bring new products to the every place in the world. We promote the green energy for saving our environment. We like to introduce the world the best product. 

Neil Chan



Neil got his Electronic Information Engineering and MBA in his young. He spends years finding the area that combines the technology and design. After he got into the technology industry, he finally finds a place that could fulfill his dream. He found out a lot of technology could gain their lives back by replacing some parts of it. He tried his best to fight for the environment. So the company crafts the energy saving and safe solutions for different countries. That is the reason that he would like to bring the world the green, safe product. His dream is for people to live a better life in a better world.

Bin Hui



Bin spends over fifteen years on the luminaire industry. He starting his career as a sale in the biggest light company in China. After he spends years to get familiar with the luminaire. He knows every process of the light manufacture. The most important, he got good connections with the suppliers. He leads the technology team in the company and controls the factory plant in China. 

Sisley Chan



Sisley is the CFO of the company. She is not only good at accounting, and also financial plan design. The most important role of her is to design the financial plan for the company and the customers. It is important for her to figure way most reasonable way to find the product. It helps the customers and the company.

Yixing Team

Team Members


Members would like to bring customers best services and products in the world. We have different sale channels to sell our product all over the world. We use different online platforms that fit our products. We also have good cooperation with the distributors in different countries. It is our pleaseure to help your business success and your life easy.

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